The Three Pillars For Good Health

The Three Pillars For Good Health

Art1Pic1.jpgThe Three Pillars For Good Health

Nutrition, Exercise and Rest

To make sure that we are in good health, it is important that we focus on the things that contribute the most to it. Good nutrition gives the body what it needs to function properly, which in turn gives us the energy we need to exercise. Exercise helps the body to train motor skills, and more importantly build and tone muscle. At the end of it all, good rest puts the body in a state where it can repair itself, making it stronger and giving it the energy to face every new day.

Let’s go over the fundamentals of each:

Good Nutrition


Like many things in life, put good things into your body and it will produce good results. Our body needs many solid building blocks to build and recover, and it will mostly come from different sources. Meats, vegetables, and fruits all contain different and valuable resources for the body to grow and function well.

It is advisable to consult a doctor or a certified dietician when crafting a good meal plan for your lifestyle. Make the most of the food we consume and the supplements we take, towards a heathier body.

Good Exercise


A balanced exercise regimen focuses not only on weight loss, but also muscle gain and endurance. Burning calories is the most frequently cited reason to exercise, and yet it is important to remember that your body doesn’t take in calories just so it can burn it.

When you exercise your heart rate increases. The increased blood flow keeps the veins and arteries clear, and it makes sure that the rest of your body is getting the oxygen it needs to function and live. Studies also show that regular exercise releases happy hormones in your brain and increases thinking and memory functions. The increased blood flow from working out the body also gives your mental health a boost.

Good Rest


The benefits of getting good rest are many. Giving your body and mind enough rest often results in better mood, productivity and performance. Your body especially needs time to recover from your physical exertions during the day. Bright screens are a big factor in insomnia, so make sure that you switch off or remove any electronics that emit light from your sleeping area well before you get to bed.